Costa Rica – Diary of a Costa Rica Adventure

In 2008 I went on an expedition to Costa Rica to take part in a voluntary conservation project, things however did not go according to plan and I ended up alone, needing to get across the country and soon running out of money, food and water…..

I also ended up running from a gang of machete men and found myself getting into many other scrapes on the journey, including relying on a group of Monkeys for food, they fed me in a rather unconventional way!

On my return I spoke about this adventure on BBC Radio Oxford and have been doing public talks about it ever since at Museums, clubs and public halls.

I kept a diary out there and have added maps, photos and written information on the wildlife and am hoping to get it published, that is the reason why the content of Diary of a Costa Rica Adventure is not on here.

Once I get the finished book version I shall add a link to it

My map of Costa Rica with hand drawn route

My map of Costa Rica with hand drawn route


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